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Waste compactors

Kiggen’s waste compactors are available in three variants: portable compactors, stationary compactors, and chassis-mounted compactors. Explore the range, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Best Tools Company specialists will assist you with any information related to waste compactors and more.

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Product Description


Known for its robust, safe, and intelligent waste management products, Kiggen is arguably the most important company in the manufacturing of portable compactors. Each Kiggen portable compactor meets your requirements: it is highly reliable, and due to materials resistant to all environmental and vandalism factors, it has a long-lasting durability, up to a quarter of a century.

Kiggen produces four types of portable compactors:

PD 725, PD 729 – Small and medium compactors – Compactors for restaurants, hotels, and hospitals
PD 731, PD 745 – Large compactors – Compactors for factories or transfer stations

This robust compactor compresses waste quickly and efficiently, perfect for a wide range of uses. The equipment is ideal for the frequent collection of large quantities of waste. The compactor serves shopping centers, industrial factories, and transfer stations perfectly. Its clean design facilitates easy maintenance, ultimately leading to cost reduction. Another significant advantage is that this compactor can be equipped with the Smartlink system, a reporting application that facilitates efficient waste management. Compactors equipped with Smartlink provide operators with all the information about the compactor’s load level, as well as alarms and alerts of any kind that draw attention to errors that can disrupt the proper functioning of the device.


This compactor offers a cost-effective and straightforward solution for underground waste collection. PTO is a compact compression unit mounted on a chassis. Due to its small size and efficient maneuverability, it is very suitable for collecting waste from city centers. The compactor uses the hydraulic system of the chassis on which it is mounted.

The PTO compactor is available in two different variants:

PD 731 – Compactor suitable for collecting household waste and recyclable materials
PD 745 – Ideal compactor for handling large quantities of paper and cardboard

Founded over 90 years ago, Kiggen is a true queen in the waste management industry. Kiggen’s mission is to provide customers with robust, safe, intelligent, and durable products. The compactors it produces boast remarkable performance, low maintenance costs, and many intelligent features. Kiggen has been a part of the Geesinknorba company since 1995.

If you are in search of waste compactors, do not hesitate to contact us. One of the specialists from Best Tools Company will guide you to the compactor that perfectly fits the needs of the company you represent.