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Vibrating beams SVM25E

The double beam SVM25E is designed for pulling, deep vibration, and leveling of fresh concrete over widths of up to 25 meters.

Note: The complete assembly includes: Motor unit + Modular beam.

Product Description

Features and Benefits

• Three-phase electric motor 400V, 2.2kW, 2830rpm;
• Modular system consisting of beams that can form a casting width of 25 meters;
• Beams can be assembled to create casting angles of up to 6 degrees;
• The system of extruded aluminum profiles provides maximum rigidity, flatness, and smoothing degree;
• Available module sizes: 0.5m; 0.75m; 1m; 2m; 3m;
• Maximum casting size: 25 meters
• Extendable handles available for mounting on beam ends;
• The vibrating shaft is made of stainless steel;
• Possibility to work directly on guide rails adjustable in height;
• Vibration depth up to 120 mm;
• Vibrating unit weight: 63 kg;
• Insulation class: IP65;
• Centrifugal force: 500N/m;
• Vibrating unit dimensions: 120×400 mm;
• Beam weight: 0.5m – 22kg; 0.75m – 24kg; 1m – 26kg; 2m – 42kg; 3m – 64kg;
• Possibility of guiding on rails from the outside of the casting surface;
• Manual winch included / Optional electric winch for operating the beam with a single person;
• Possibility of working forward and backward with a two-position switch for the electric motor;
• Centrifugal force of the vibrating unit can be adjusted from 0-3140N depending on the length of the beam and the type of concrete used in casting.