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vacuum device for mounting JUMBO BV boards

A Probst machine specially designed for the very easy installation of curbs and logistics optimization using vacuum technology. Contact us if you have any questions. A representative from Best Tools Company will provide you with all the details you need.

Product Description

Vacuum Curb Installation Machine – Jumbo BV

For the very easy installation of curbs and logistics optimization. Distributing and installing in a single maneuver means more efficient and healthier work practices for laborers.

• Can be mounted on any type of wheel loader with a forklift.
• Jumbo BV is attached to the forklift using the gripping arms and has its own adjustable arms.
• The machine transports the entire package of curb blocks.
• A simple press of the vacuum button activates the easy and rapid suction, lifting, lowering, and installation of curb blocks.
• Can easily install 300 meters per day.
• It’s straightforward: provide your workers with the best quality! It’s good for their health!

We offer three models:

I. BV b with integrated gasoline engine

Operates independently of the wheel loader. Can be easily mounted on different types of wheel loaders.

II. BV with diesel engine and electric start

Can also be mounted on different types of wheel loaders. Refueling is simpler, and diesel is easier to find on construction sites. Easier to use due to the electric starter.

III. BV h with hydraulic drive

Less noisy, does not require fuel.

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