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Vacuum device for installing Stonemagnet SM tiles

Vacuum Device for Stone Installation – Probst Stonemagnet SM. The system is ideal for handling various types of prefabricated elements, being an extremely useful device on any construction site. Explore the product, as well as the entire Probst range, and if you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative will guide you, when needed, towards the perfect equipment for your needs and provide you with all the details you require, both about the devices and regarding prices and delivery/pick-up conditions.

Product Description

Vacuum Stonemagnet SM

Wireless, convenient, and powerful vacuum lifting device for the installation of dense stone slabs, concrete elements, pipes, and similar materials. It can be used on all types of lifting equipment.

• Specifically designed and equipped for challenging construction site operations.
• For special applications, there are various suction plates that can be easily mounted on the SM device.

Standard specifications:

• Sturdy and compact body with an integrated suspension system for the crane hook and a quick-change device for the suction plate.
• Powered by a rechargeable and replaceable 12V battery. The energy consumption control system ensures the battery lasts for a full day of work. The battery can be replaced in seconds. Battery charge indicator.
• Safety features: Flashing lamp signaling insufficient pressure, automatic control system starting the vacuum pump after pressure loss, pressure gauge, large-size vacuum tank.
• Standard suction plate of 580 x 280 mm with a special sealing gasket, replaceable in seconds without the use of adhesive or tools. The gasket does not deteriorate with prolonged contact with sharp edges (no support required).

Special features:

The SM device comes standard with 2 vacuum pumps. For handling dense products, a single pump is used. In the case of less porous materials or when a fast working cycle is needed, the second pump can be activated by pressing the TURBO button.

Best Tools Company is the exclusive dealer of the German manufacturer Probst in Romania. Explore the Probst range and contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details about each piece of equipment.

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