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Transport and Installation System for Curbs – Trans Mobil TM

Transport and Installation System for Curbs with Vacuum – Trans Mobil TM. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. A Best Tools representative is always ready to provide you with all the details you need to make the perfect purchase.

Product Description

A compact and versatile machine for the transport and handling of palletized construction materials and vacuum-assisted installation. Weighing only approximately 1,300 kg, it can be easily transported on a standard trailer.

It offers adaptability for various types of construction work, including civil construction, roads, horticulture, landscaping, and subcontracting.

The powerful vacuum installation unit allows for the quick installation of heavy construction elements without physical effort.

– The pillar of the vacuum installation unit can be adjusted to a perfectly vertical position with the help of two tightening screws, even on rough terrain (approx. +/- 8.5 degrees laterally; +/- 13 degrees in the direction of travel).
– A wide range of suction grip devices for all common construction materials, such as slabs, curbs, channels, etc.
– The lifting system is equipped with two arms, featuring long feather-shaped arms with a working length of 1,090 mm and horizontal adjustment capability. The lifting height is 340 mm, and the lifting capacity is 1,500 kg.
– For pallets with a maximum width of 1,200 mm.
– Solid and robust rubber tracks – thus, TRANS MOBIL TM can handle even rough terrain smoothly. Travel speed approx. 2.2 km/h.

Transport dimensions:
– Total width 1,800 mm (71”)
– Total height 2,280 mm (90”)
– Total length 3,480 mm (137”).

Probst is the leading German manufacturer of equipment for handling and installing pavers, concrete slabs, curbs, and other prefabricated elements. Best Tools Company is the official Probst dealer in Romania.

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