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TR950E Surface finisher

Surface finisher TR950E. Finishing concrete is a process that involves a lot of precision, that’s why the best quality finishers must be chosen. Quality is guaranteed by Swepac.

Product Description

Advantages of the Swepac TR950E Surface Finisher:

– Variable speed, handle-adjustable tilt system for the blades.
– Robust and super-reliable gearbox.
– Handle protection system in case of an accident, “dead man’s handle” allowing the automatic disengagement of the transmission between the motor and gearbox.
– Quick system with clamp and guide for changing blades, allowing the use of blades with both edges (double life).
– The motor is mounted high to avoid splashing with concrete.
– Special Swedish steels for finisher blades and float discs – with great durability over time.

Overview of the Swepac TR950E Surface Finisher:

The “dead man’s handle” protection system on the handle allows, in case of emergency during use, the stopping of the gearbox even if the motor is at maximum speed, without stopping the motor from operating. Swepac TR950E surface finishers with electric motors are high-performance machines for leveling and finishing concrete. The transmission of motion from the motor shaft to the gearbox shaft is done through a V-belt. The belt is tensioned by a tensioning roller that can be operated from the helicopter handle, resulting in the transmission of motion from the motor shaft to the gearbox shaft, resulting in the rotation of the finishing blades. In case the operator loses control of the helicopter, the tensioning roller automatically returns to the initial position, releasing the belt tension, ultimately disengaging the motor from the gearbox.

In the case of the Swepac TR950E surface finisher, the stopping of the gearbox does not imply stopping the motor!

System with a roller positioned on the handle to adjust the tilt of the blades.

The gearbox requires no maintenance. The handle is made of a square-section profile for good stability during operation.

The external protective frame allows positioning the helicopter vertically, facilitating access for cleaning, maintenance, and blade replacement.


– Finishing accessories – blades
– Leveling accessories – discs

Model: TR950E
Motor Manufacturer/Model: 400V, three-phase, 50Hz
Power [kW]: 2.5
Fuel: Electric
Working speed [rpm]: 850-2840
Rotation speed [rpm]: 40-130
Weight [kg]: 84
Tank capacity – [liters]: –
Protective frame diameter [mm]: 950
Working diameter [mm]: 935
Float disc diameter [mm]: 945
Working length in operation [mm]: 1980
Operating height [mm]: 1065
Transport height [mm]: 1726
Vibration level in arm/hand – [m/s2]: 1.3
Noise level, LWA – [dB(A)]: 98
Sound pressure – [dB(A)]: 72