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Miller STI270 welding machine

Miller STI270 Welding Machine. Discover all the welding machines distributed by Best Tools and contact us if you have any questions or if you want to order equipment.

Product Description

Inverter for Miller industrial welding – 3 years warranty. Applications: Petrochemical industry, Metal fabrication, Construction, Ship installation, Gas/oil pipelines. Product description

Portable Miller source – at only 23 kg, it is very easy to use in the workshop or in the field. Very easy-to-use welding inverter equipped with thermal protection and LED indicator for exceeded duty cycle or blocked air flow for cooling.

VRD – function to reduce no-load voltage to 12V when the source is not in use. TIG Lift Arc – TIG ignition without contaminating the tungsten electrode.

Adjustable Hot Start function automatically increases the current at the start of welding, if necessary, to prevent electrode sticking or weld contamination. Adjustable Arc Force function – helps welding in position by adjusting the welding arc.

LCD display for voltage/amperage Technical data

Product: Miller STI270 Welding Machine Supply voltage: 400 V Current range: 5-270 A Usable electrodes: 1.6-6 mm Usable current at 100%: 180 A Maximum usable current: 270 A Duty cycle at maximum current: 40% Absorbed power: 10.3 KW No-load voltage: 20-30.8 V Dimensions (LxWxH): 568*219*347 mm Weight: 23 kg

Delivery kit

Comes complete with 4+3m welding accessories. Longer accessories can be delivered on request.


36 months