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Jumbomobil JM tiles Vacuum installation device

Product Description

Jumbomobil JM Vacuum Machine for Installing Slabs

For easy, precise, and cost-effective installation of slabs weighing up to 200 kg.

• Suitable for concrete slabs, natural stone, exposed aggregate slabs, large pavers, eco-friendly pavers, drainage channels, and more.
• Extremely simple installation, as lifting and placing are carried out using a vacuum hose lifting system.
• Provide your employees with a better working method!
• Precise positioning of slabs with the help of a crane with a swiveling jib, featuring easy operation and low weight.
• Easily lift slabs that have already been placed.
• Silent vacuum generation, powered by an electric motor or an internal combustion engine.
• Can easily install up to 300 square meters per day.

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