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Hook for mounting SHS drain grates

Hook for Mounting SHS Drain Grates. A sturdy device created to streamline the installation processes of large and heavy components of drain grates. If you are interested in this product, contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need.

Product Description

Hook for Mounting SHS Drain Grates

It’s very simple – a device designed for effortless installation of heavy and massive lower parts and the cones of drain grates: there’s no need to buy expensive special pliers – use the ingenious SHS mounting hook. Convenient in terms of price and compact – safe and quick handling with any lifting device, for precise millimeter installation.

Suitable for the lower elements of drain grates and cones, according to DIN 4052-3. The cylindrical lifting eye can be placed above the lower element when it is still on the pallet, so both elements can be installed together in a single operation.

Such a handy tool that fits into the toolkit of any road constructor.

Probst is the leading German manufacturer of tools, equipment, devices, and machinery for handling various types of precast elements, such as pavers, slabs, curbs, pipes, tubes, etc. Best Tools Company is the official dealer of Probst Handling in Romania, distributing the entire range of the German manufacturer.

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