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Cubo 180 electric collector

TSM Cubo 180 is an electric collector whose traction and speed are controlled by the operator through the front steering handle, allowing quick access to the work area. In the Cubomatic 180 version, the collector has the ability to move on its own, thanks to the “Follow me” system, which scans the operator and follows them as needed, even in crowded places.

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Product Description

Practical and versatile

Equipped with a broom and a waste selector, the new outdoor cleaning cart TSM is ideal for any situation where lifting scattered garbage is a continuous task.

This cleaning cart can be used for waste collection, sorting different waste streams, and transporting equipment to help efficiently clean the streets around shopping centers and cities or busy pedestrian areas.

When it comes to cleaning crowded streets, the TSM Cubo 180 is the ideal tool.


Here are a few reasons that make the TSM CUBO 180 the perfect equipment for city maintenance:

– It is light and maneuverable – can navigate any type of alley;
– It is silent and eco-friendly;
– It is a robust product that can withstand daily wear and tear;
– Reliable – easy to maintain;

The electric collector has a battery life of approximately 8 hours, and the three containers with which it is equipped can be used for as many types of fractions.

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