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Bucher V50 Sweeper

The Bucher V50 sweeper offers the highest suction performance, is robust, excels in all types of applications, and is environmentally friendly. Discover the sweeping machine, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Product Description

Power and Performance

The Bucher V50 is a sweeper superstructure designed to be mounted on a truck chassis. The V range includes some of the most reliable sanitation equipment globally, represented by high-performance sweepers mounted on chassis.

The latest models in the Bucher V range are the result of over 50 years of continuous evolution and improvement, aiming to align with the requirements of the most demanding customers. With sweepers adapted to operate in many specific environments, Best Tools Company, through Bucher Municipal, can provide a wide range of products and options that ensure maximum performance in any application.

Designed to Last

The Bucher V50 sweeper offers the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other machines in its range. To extend the average working time, the equipment is equipped with an additional water tank of 190 liters. The superstructure is designed to protect the mechanical components of the chassis, with the goal of reducing maintenance costs by eliminating potential technical defects. This applies to the suction system as well, which consists of fewer elements, again to shorten the list of parts that can break. The Bucher V50 stands out for the lowest emissions and operating costs.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The V range sweepers are equipped with elements that help reduce emitted noise, by encapsulating the auxiliary engine and fan casing and by installing noise attenuation blades in the air exhaust system. The noise reaching drivers is below 75 dB(A) at maximum speeds (depending on the chassis), creating a safer operating environment for both the driver and pedestrians. The engine can be set at lower speeds for nighttime sweeping, reducing noise levels by 50%.

PM Certification: 4 Stars (maximum) in PM 2.5 / PM10 tests

Productivity and Reliability

The Bucher V50 sweeper ensures the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact, and low ownership costs. The sweeping machine is suitable for work in any application and offers benefits that support its global success. The Bucher V50 is equipped with interactive operating options that facilitate the work of operators.

If you have any questions or wish to explore all the details of the Bucher V50 sweeper, feel free to contact us.