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Arms for pallets with safety chain PGE-K.

Arms for pallets with safety chain PGE-K. The arms are robust and extremely useful in pallet handling. Contact us if you have any questions. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need.

Product Description

Designed for use on cranes for loading trucks, tower cranes, forklifts, or overhead cranes. Equipped with a safety chain as standard, thus approved according to EN 13155 regulations for transporting individual loads (such as palletized loads wrapped in plastic film).

• Arms with long conical ends for optimal insertion under pallets.
• Lightweight due to the use of high-strength, fine-grained steel.
• Basic model without automatic center of gravity balancing.

Standard specifications:

• Lifting ring for crane hook attachment.
• Adjustable height between 1,050 and 1,650 mm (41 1/2 – 65″).
• Adjustable distance between arms, from 340 to 1,000 mm (13 1/2 – 39 1/2″) (outer).
• The arms have a long conical portion for optimal gripping.
• Safety chain with a ring for the crane hook and a transport bag.
• Length of the arms is 980 mm.

According to EN 13155 regulations, for the transport using arms for non-fixed building materials (e.g., construction blocks or roof tiles), the use of additional retaining devices such as a safety net is mandatory. Arms for transporting pallets PGE-K 17/20 and PGA-K 15/20 can be additionally equipped at any time with a net attachment system (NH) and a safety net (SSN). NH+SSN are available as optional accessories.

Probst is the leading German manufacturer of tools, equipment, devices, and machinery for handling various types of precast elements, such as pavers, slabs, curbs, pipes, tubes, etc. Best Tools Company is the official Probst Handling dealer in Romania, where it distributes the entire range of the German manufacturer.