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Accessories for the SH vacuum lifter

Accessories for the SH vacuum lifter. Explore Probst accessories and contact us if you have any questions. Best Tools representatives will guide you to the perfect machine for your needs.

Product Description

Accessories for the vacuum lifting device SH

We recommend using special suction plates for various applications. All suction plates can be easily replaced through a quick-release coupling system (modular principle). The lifting capacity depends on the dimensions of the suction plate.

Suction plate SPS for the lifting device SH/Power MaxVPM

Probst’s special porous rubber gasket can be used for all types of materials:

• Extremely efficient for uneven surfaces.
• Extremely durable
• Quick to change: remove the old one, put on the new one, and it’s ready!
• Replacement gasket – easy to install without adhesive!
• Suction plates for profiled surfaces (e.g., pipes) can be delivered on request. Suction plates of any size can be supplied upon request.

Other recommended accessories:

– ESE Generator – 2,000 VA, 230 V petrol engine generator (manufactured by Endress), specially designed for Probst
– Frame suspension for mounting the generator directly above the vacuum device, with included power cable
– TRA 3000 Distribution bar for using multiple suction plates, adjustable for a single plate. Suction plates can be rotated by 90°. Transport capacity of 3,000 kg. Adjustable distance between the centers of the suction plates between max. 1,4500 mm and min. 560 mm.
– RS Wheel set for all SH 2500 uni models
– HGV Handle extension for all SH 2500 uni models

Wheel Set RS To extend the working range of the Micro Jumbo MJ at any time, we recommend purchasing the solid wheel set that can be attached later. It is easily mounted on the SH 2500 uni lifting device. The wheel set includes two attachable main wheels with a diameter of 300 mm, a foldable support wheel, and a swivel wheel. Retrofitting to the basic SH device poses no problems.

Handle Extension HGV Used for installing elements larger than 1 meter to maintain a safe distance between the operator’s legs and the load.

The handle extension HGV can be retrofitted at any time on the SH 2500 uni by fixing it with screws and clamps.

Best Tools Company is the exclusive dealer of the German manufacturer Probst in Romania. Study the Probst range and contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details about each piece of equipment.