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4×4 Explorer+ diamond cutting disc

This disc is suitable for cutting various types of materials. Versatile and safe, the diamond blade is available in multiple sizes. If you have any questions or wish to order blades from Best Tools, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with guidance to choose the right blades for your activities.

Product Description

This laser-welded segmented disc is versatile and multifunctional. The diamond blade is suitable for both dry and wet cutting. Constructed from durable materials, the diamond blade extends its lifespan, offering high cutting speed, and can cut various materials. The Explorer diamond blade features a depth indicator for monitoring the blade’s lifespan and indicating the cutting direction. The blade is designed to be very safe in use.

Key Features and Benefits

– New specification with 12mm high segments
– Patented cutting depth indicator
– Trapezoidal segment shape
– Most versatile disc
– Fast cutting of hard materials and long life on abrasive materials
– Easier control of cutting depth during use
– More comfortable and smoother cutting, with lower vibrations

Suitable for cutting

– Concrete
– Asphalt
– Construction materials
– Carbon steel
– Tiles
– Bricks
– Stone


– Diameter: between 115mm and 500mm
– Segment thickness: between 2.2mm and 3.8mm