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Street Sweeper Bucher V65 | DAF | Stock 1 Unit

Equipment in stock: one unit, on a DAF chassis. Explore the Bucher V65 sweeper (6.5m³) and contact us if you have any questions. A Best Tools Company representative will provide you with all the details you need and can guide you to the perfect sanitation equipment for your needs.

*For price quotes and other details, contact us!

Product Description

The Bucher V65 sweeper is designed to provide the longest operating time between refueling, have minimal impact on the environment, be easy to operate, and offer low operational costs.

Low Costs

The Bucher V65 sweeping machine is built to be reliable and easy to maintain. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced from the design phase. The equipment is not composed of many components, and in this situation, the chances of some elements breaking are much lower.

Designed to Meet Operational Requirements

The 6.5m³ sweeper is designed to fit a wide range of chassis models, fully meeting customer requirements. The V65 equipment offers similar performance when combined with all the chassis it is mounted on. The cabin controls are ergonomically positioned to ensure safe and easy operation during sweeping. The CANbus system monitors the sweeper’s performance and conducts daily system checks. The 7″ JVM screen includes standard visual and auditory warning features when the hopper is lifted, providing information on fuel, engine hour meter, tachometer, and water level gap. In addition, data can be downloaded via a USB stick, showing a range of information from fuel consumption to average sweeping periods. The auxiliary engine’s throttle control is variable, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and fuel consumption without compromising performance. With an incorporated economic mode of 1500 rotations in V65, noise levels are improved. An integrated CANbus control system, integrated on the door, allows the operator to safely adjust all sweeping options.

PM Certification: 4 Stars (maximum) for PM 2.5 / PM10 tests

Reduced Impact

The V65 sweeper is equipped with a standard system to reduce water consumption by 20%. The optional water recirculation system can save up to 900 liters of water per day, extending working time and reducing the risk of dust spreading. Additionally, the equipment complies with the strictest emissions and noise pollution standards.

If you want more information about this equipment, do not hesitate to contact us!