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Set of 750mm Finishing Blades – M6

The 750mm M6 Barikell finishing blades are the perfect choice for those seeking top performance. These finishing blades are made from the highest quality steel, with a solid thickness of 3mm, providing exceptional durability. We offer the complete range of consumables for both single and double helicopters from the renowned Italian manufacturer Barikell, and they can be successfully used on machines compatible with the ones we sell.

Product Description

Technical Features

  • Diameter of 750 mm, ensuring efficient coverage.
  • Threaded M6 fixing lugs for easy installation on standard helicopters.
  • Solid 2mm thickness of the sheet for superior strength.
  • High-quality, abrasion-resistant sheet made from the finest-grade steel.
  • Original finishing blades from the prestigious manufacturer BARIKELL, renowned for its superior quality.
  • Manufactured in Italy, ensuring quality and attention to detail.

The quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the 750mm M6 finishing blades ensures long-lasting durability, maintaining geometric parameters until complete wear. Users have confirmed these quality features during their usage. Additionally, we acknowledge that the choice of suitable consumables cannot be solely reduced to the price factor. Therefore, we are pleased to offer trial prices for new users who wish to experience the unquestionable quality of our products.