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ORBITER 520 Polishing Machine

Contec Orbiter 520 is one of the most powerful and robust floor polishing machines for concrete and other hard materials. Explore the product and contact us if you have any questions. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need.

*For price quotes and other information, please contact us.

Product Description

The largest and most aggressive polishing machine from CONTEC.

Designed for the most challenging applications and floors. High-resistance bearings ensure smooth maintenance and operation of the mission.

Equipped with a speed control unit.

The ergonomic handle, with a shock absorber, ensures a durable and less tiring operation of the grinding machine.


Polishing heads 3 x 230 mm
Working width 520 mm
Voltage 400 V, three-phase
Motor 4 kW
Dimensions 90 x 110 x 56 cm
(H x L x W)
Handle 45 °
Weight 170 kg
Water tank 20 l