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Miller Migmatic 380 welding machine

Miller Migmatic 380 welding machine. Explore the whole range of welding machines and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. A Best Tools specialist will help you choose the perfect welding machine for the applications in which you want to use it.

Product Description

Product Description

An industrial MIG-MAG welding machine equipped with a digital display for welding current, voltage, or wire speed. It features a spot welding function and a professional 4-roll wire drive system for increased reliability. The wire speed ranges between 2-26 m/min. The welding arc is highly stable due to modern ignition technology. The Miller welding machine is equipped with thermal protection to prevent overheating. It offers the possibility of adjusting the voltage in 30 steps.

The Migamtic 380DX model benefits from Synergic control and predefined programs for metal, stainless steel, and aluminum.


– Construction sites
– Metal fabrication
– Repairs in the automotive/truck industry
– Fleet repairs and maintenance

Technical Specifications:

– Product: Miller Migmatic 380 Welding Machine
– Power Supply Voltage: 380 V
– Current Range: 10-350 A
– Maximum Usable Current: 350 A
– Duty Cycle at Maximum Amperage: 35%
– Maximum Usable Diameter of Steel Wire: 1.2 mm
– Maximum Usable Diameter of Aluminum Wire: 1.2 mm
– Maximum Usable Diameter of Stainless Steel Wire: 1.2 mm
– Dimensions (LxWxH): 825*471*1066 mm
– Weight: 103 Kg

Delivery Kit:

– Comes complete with MIG-MAG welding torch and argon/CO2 pressure reducer.

Warranty: 36 months