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KKV 8/14 cable channel clamping device

Cable Channel Clamp KKV 8/14. The clamp is perfect for gripping, moving, and installing cable channels. If you need more details about this product, just contact us. Best Tools representatives will answer all your questions.

Product Description

Manual Clamp for Cable Channels KKV 8/14 For cable channels size I – IF

• Clamping is done from the inside
• Fully mechanical operation, through the handles and lifting ring.
• Handles can rotate at 90°
• Gripping elements in the form of rubber-coated metal bars that can be replaced
• Galvanized finish.

Probst is the most important German manufacturer of tools, equipment, devices, and machinery for handling various types of precast elements, such as: pavers, slabs, curbstones, pipes, tubes, etc. Best Tools Company is the official dealer of Probst Handling in Romania, distributing the entire range of the German manufacturer.

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