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Jumbo 651 cutting table

“Discover the Jumbo 651 cutting table. It has a robust construction and is capable of impressive performance. If you have any questions or if you wish to purchase a cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us.”

Product Description

As the inventors of the first masonry saw 80 years ago, Norton Clipper now offers a complete range of cutting machines with blade diameters from 350 mm to 1000 mm. The Clipper JUMBO 651 represents the benchmark cutting table in the market for masonry applications. Ideal for continuous operations at construction sites or industrial locations.

Key Features and Benefits

– Strong frame with 4 wheels
– Conveyor basket with 4 location rollers
– 2 wheels with locking device
– Suitable for cutting:
– Concrete
– Construction materials
– Bricks
– Tiles
– Stone

Power Options

– Honda, Gasoline
– Electric

Maximum blade diameter: 650 mm

Maximum cutting depth: 265 mm

Rotation speed: 1350 rpm