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Huawei SUN2000MA-4KTL-M1 Inverter

A 10KTL inverter allows for an alternating current output with a maximum power of 10 kW, along with battery charging at a maximum power of 10 kW. It is compatible with the SUN2000-450W-P optimizer and HUAWEI Smart String ESS and Backup Box-B1. It features a high-efficiency inverter topology with a maximum efficiency of 98.6%.

Product Description


  • Brand: Huawei
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Inverter type: string
  • Number of phases: 3
  • Maximum DC input capacity (W): 6000
  • Rated AC output power: 4000
  • Protection degree: IP65
  • Outdoor installation: yes
  • Wifi: yes
  • Ethernet: yes
  • Dimensions (mm): 525 x 470 x 166
  • Weight (kg): 17
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