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Envoy-S Connection System

Envoy-S, Metered (single-phase and three-phase), is a communication system. This system sends data back and forth between the photovoltaic installation and Enphase.

Product Description

The system, on one hand, sends information from the photovoltaic system to Enphase, allowing it to be viewed through the Enphase Enlighten app. On the other hand, it automatically feeds system updates and software back to the microinverters. Enphase Enlighten enables both system owners and installers to easily view important information. Envoy-S must be connected to the internet to report information. There are several options to achieve this: integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Enphase Mobile Connect (not included), or PLC.

Enphase Enlighten

Enphase Enlighten is the application that displays all relevant and important data at a glance, with the option to explore more specific information. Output power, usage, and potential storage if batteries are connected. Installers have an overview of the individual systems under their care. This allows all parties involved to see important information at any time and, when necessary, take appropriate action.


  • Brand: Enphase
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Accessory type: energy management
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 126 X 213 X 45
  • Wifi: yes
  • Optional connections: Ethernet, Mobile


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