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CT 320 milling machine

Discover the floor milling machine for various types of floors and contact us if you have any questions. Best Tools representatives will provide you with all the details you need.

*For information about pricing and delivery methods, feel free to contact us!

Product Description

The most aggressive grinding machine from CONTEC.

Made for the most challenging tasks and floors.

High-strength bearings ensure smooth maintenance and operation of the machine.

CT 320 is equipped with a speed control unit.

The ergonomic handle, with a shock absorber, ensures long-lasting, less tiring operation of the grinding machine.


NEW to the CONTEC range is the cutting system with diamond discs. The machine’s shaft allows for equipping with diamond discs. Spacers enable variable distances between discs. A higher number of discs allows for a finer smoothing profile. The machine is equipped with an integrated water cooling system for the discs. The traction motor positioned on the rear wheels electronically controls the working speed, resulting in optimal and clean cutting every time.