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CSB1 P21 Asphalt/concrete cutting machine

Explore the product, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools specialist is available to provide you with advice to help you choose the perfect cutting machine for your needs.

Product Description

Best Tools offers a wide range of professional and high-performance machines for cutting concrete and asphalt. The CSB1, powered by gasoline, is a heavy self-propelled machine that operates a diamond disc of 500 mm or 600 mm.

Key features and benefits:
– Welded steel frame with high-strength lattice
– Two propulsion options
– Multiple engine options
– Robust and reliable

-Suitable for cutting:

– Concrete
– Building materials
– Asphalt
– Bricks
– Stone

Engine: Honda, Gasoline

Maximum disc diameter: 600 mm

Maximum cutting depth: 225 mm

Rotation speed: 1775 rpm