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Contec Terminator 3000 E

The most powerful electric floor removal machine, the TERMINATOR 3000, provides the same strength, flexibility, and surface removal capabilities as the propane version. Explore the product and contact us! We will provide you with all the details you need.

Product Description

To provide an extra level of maneuverability, the TERMINATOR 3000 EI comes equipped as standard with interchangeable battery packs. The machine has a working autonomy of 8 hours. The stripper is the preferred choice for removing flooring in indoor spaces.


– High efficiency;
– Removal rates of 80-90% for most floor coverings in the first pass;
– Fits through standard-sized doors and elevators;
– Zero emissions;
– Silent operation and does not overheat;
– Rechargeable batteries;
– Low maintenance actions and costs;
– Stacker channels for easy lifting;
– Batteries can be quickly replaced to ensure continuous operation.

Technical specifications:

The milling machine operates on a width of 66 cm, weighs 1100 kg, has a height of 119 cm, length of 168 cm, and a width of 69 cm.