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Adjustable Height Pallet/Block Clamping System

Adjustable Height Pallet/Block Clamping System AKZ-H unigrip / AKZ-N unigrip / AKZ-S unigrip. Universal clamping device for transporting construction materials of any type or size, including pallets. Contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to purchase a product.

Product Description

Clamping Devices for Loading Blocks – with Adjustable Height AKZ-H unigrip / AKZ-N unigrip / AKZ-S unigrip

It has the same design and features as AKZ-unigrip but with adjustable height for different package heights. This universal clamping device can be used for transporting construction materials of any type or size. Thanks to its adjustable height and wide opening, it can be used for all packaged or unpackaged construction materials on pallets.

• Various height options.
• The vertically adjustable bar has 4 holes at different heights, offset at 90°.
The heights are as follows:
• Level 1 (rotated 0°) 1,100 mm
• Level 2 (rotated 90°) 1,280 mm
• Level 3 (rotated 180°) 1,470 mm
• Level 4 (rotated 270°) 1,650 mm
• Fixed or mobile height adjustment.
• Simplified height adjustment by operating a lever.
• High pressing force, finely adjustable, for example, for gripping pressure-sensitive materials.
• Low overall height of the device.

Standard specifications:

• Easy hydraulic operation and parallel work.
• Balance with a sturdy rack for perfect synchronization of hydraulic cylinder operation.
• Large sliding guides with polyamide resin, requiring minimal maintenance operations, guaranteed for 5 years.
• Automatic pressure control. In the retracted position, the transport capacity of the versions with adjustable height increases through the positive action of automatic pressure control to the corresponding level indicated in parentheses.
• Manually adjustable pressure reduction valve.
• Oil pressure gauge.
• 4 rings for suspension with cables or straps.
• Lightweight construction from high-strength steel.

Probst is the leading German manufacturer of tools, equipment, devices, and handling machinery for various types of prefabricates such as pavers, slabs, curbs, pipes, tubes, etc. Best Tools Company is the official Probst Handling dealer in Romania, distributing the entire range of the German manufacturer.

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