The new CX series models were recently presented at IFAT in Munich. The smallest models of Multihog, introduced at the German IFAT fair, have been specially developed for municipal services and for expanding the existing tractor series, MH and MX, which have been a real success. The CX series chassis widths start from 1,150 mm, allowing for easy use even in the narrowest environments. Additionally, all models, each with European T2 tractor approval, are equipped in the front with a 3-point hitch, making it easier for customers to use their existing attachments.

In addition to the two base models, CX 55 and CX 75 with Tier IV engines of 55 and 75 HP, respectively, two other variants are also available: the longer chassis of the CX 55 L model allows the use of larger rear attachments, such as tanks or grass collectors. An increased carrying capacity of 4 tons instead of 3.5 tons is also available with the HD CX 75 model.

Thanks to the Plug and Play system, a Multihog CX tractor with basic specifications aimed at operating certain attachments can be upgraded with more sophisticated specifications later, providing an efficient and flexible solution for municipalities and local authorities, where the multifunctionality of this versatile equipment is further needed.

Furthermore, other applications were showcased at IFAT – on a CX 75 model, a McConnel arm mower was mounted on the front, while the CX 55 model was equipped with a rotary mower from GMR.

Originally designed for green area maintenance and weed removal, the compact CX models demonstrated outstanding performance during test driving for other applications such as winter services and road repairs. The MX and MXC models were also exhibited at the fair with a snow plow and brush, a de-icing solution tank, and an asphalt mill.

Multihog products could also be found at the stands of other exhibitors at IFAT: Bucher Municipal AG with the CX 75 model equipped with winter accessories – a snow plow and a rear-mounted gritter, and Trilety’s outdoor area with an MXC120 model featuring a front-mounted sweeping machine, attracting a lot of attention.

“Municipalities prefer the narrow design as well as the all-around capabilities of compact machines,” said Multihog’s CEO, Jim McAdam. “We have already delivered the first CX models, and orders are increasing, proving the suitability of the size and multifunctionality of this compact machine. We look forward to continuing the success of this series,” he continued.