Vasile Gorghi

Nickname: Bazi

Job Title: Workshop Manager

Vasile is an important member of the Best Tools team, having joined exactly 14 years ago. Throughout this time, he has held several positions in the company, evolving both as a specialist and as a person. From a young enthusiast, full of energy and a desire to learn, Bazi has become a committed family man, a cornerstone in the company, a professional whom many of our partners, who have trusted him since the first contact, equate with Best Tools.

Let’s get to know him better!

You’ll never get bored.

I joined Best Tools Company two years after its establishment, in July 2008.

I remember that on my first day at Best Tools, I was full of enthusiasm and confidence, knowing that the team consisted of young, aspiring individuals, just like me, with great aspirations. I am glad that now, after 14 years of being part of Best Tools Company, those great aspirations have been fulfilled, and the enthusiasm and desire to evolve have not been lost.

There are many, even very many. I can say that every completed job brings me satisfaction: from revisions to complex repairs. However, I think I am most proud when we finish mounting superstructures on large chassis and deliver the equipment to the end customer, where they will serve the local community. Any street sweeper, salt spreader, refuse collector, or multifunctional machine that leaves Best Tools’ gate represents a significant achievement because their positive impact on the localities where they will be used is significant.

Right now, we have a machine in the workshop whose engine is overheating. I’m working with my colleagues to find the cause and fix the problem. It may seem mundane, but sometimes searching for the cause of a malfunction is a very interesting activity.

I believe that teamwork is the most important activity. We are fortunate to have a tight-knit, well-structured team, with experienced people and young ones eager to learn. I want to thank everyone for the collective effort made to achieve our goals. 😀

Now that we’ve learned so much about Vasile on a professional level, let’s get to know Bazi, as his close friends call him.

I would like to swap jobs with Jurgen Klopp, to coach Liverpool. It would be interesting to see him in my place, at Best Tools Company. 😀

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family. A passion I recently discovered is cooking. I enjoy cooking for close people, friends, and colleagues, in various contexts. Also, in my free time, I like to play table tennis.


Peaky Blinders.

In the last 14 years, since I joined the Best Tools team, I have traveled approximately 600,000 kilometers with various intervention vehicles. 😀