March 8 | Women of BTC

International Women’s Day is the perfect occasion to get to know all the ladies of Best Tools Company better. The female presence within the company has never been more numerous than on International Women’s Day in 2022. March 8th is about them, so let’s get to know them!

Alexandra joined the Best Tools team at the beginning of the year, in the finance department, but the entire team has become attached to her as if she had been juggling numbers and invoices in the company forever. She’s a playful person, so full of life that she radiates positivity even on gloomy days. In her free time, Alexandra enjoys exploring new places, traditions, and people. She loves all cats, both the one at home and those in the Best Tools yard, which she feeds and cuddles daily.

Which female personality inspires her so much that she would like to have dinner with her on International Women’s Day? She answers: “I would like to have dinner with Anastasia Soare. Her life story has impressed me. A woman who went to America to fulfill her dream and succeeded on her own to create the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand and make it very well-known.”




When you say multitasking, you say Mădălina. She has been part of the Best Tools team in Oradea for several years, where she handles the bidding process on SEAP, the procurement of materials for projects and services, and, when needed, she can do topography. Multitasking! Mădălina is a sensitive, empathetic, active person, and when it comes to socializing, she doesn’t shy away. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, going for walks with or without a bicycle, and books and music help her relax. What makes her identify with Best Tools? Simple: the people in the company.

The person she would like to have dinner with on March 8th is her own mother. She admires her for being determined, confident, gentle, and always there whenever she needs her.



Meda is the colleague the entire Best Tools team in Oradea relies on when they need help with administrative tasks. The role fits her perfectly because she’s an energetic and dynamic person, always with a positive attitude and a developed sense of humor, and she enjoys working in a team with a youthful spirit. In her free time, Meda loves to go out in nature with her daughter, engage in sports, and listen to music. Because she hasn’t neglected her two big passions, she manages to combine work with pleasure, being both a fitness instructor and a DJ, thus working on both physical and mental health.

For International Women’s Day, Meda would like to have dinner with her great-grandmother: “I would have liked to listen to her stories. Her life was certainly full of memorable moments, leaving behind 9 children. I remember the gentleness in her eyes, her wisdom, and the patience she showed in any situation.”


From the entire Best Tools team, Marina is responsible for procurement. However, being very involved and eager to learn new things, she likes to lend a helping hand to any colleague. Marina is a sensitive, patient, and understanding person. In her free time, she likes to go hiking, but when the weather doesn’t allow it, reading comes to her rescue. She has a passion for art and beauty, which she expresses through creating tapestries.

If she had the opportunity to have dinner with a famous woman who inspires her, on International Women’s Day, Marina would choose Angela Similea. She admires her for her elegance and refinement that she hasn’t lost over time.





Alina is one of the most sought-after persons in the office because she helps the entire Best Tools team in Bucharest with all the administrative situations that arise daily. She is a sincere person, extremely involved in absolutely everything she does. Good collaboration with colleagues and a dynamic environment make her identify with Best Tools Company. When she’s not in the office, Alina prefers to go to the park or to the movies, to go hiking in the mountains with her family and friends, and to truly relax, a shopping spree is the only activity she needs.

Alina believes that an honest and uninhibited conversation with one of her friends would have a greater impact on her than a meeting with a celebrity. So, on International Women’s Day, she would prefer to have dinner with a friend with whom she can share all recent experiences.





Every day starts with a coffee for Magda, the perfect opportunity to listen to her colleagues and propose solutions for any situation. Among documents, meetings, emails, and candidates, she always finds time for the people in the company, from whom she learns new things daily. Magda loves what she does. She has been working in HR for 20 years, but she still feels that every day is a challenge. The team, the vision, and the conducive environment for creativity make her identify with Best Tools. In her free time, when she doesn’t recharge her batteries in the mountains, she likes to relax by reading a good book, with a glass of wine to match. But her two playful and noisy dogs don’t always agree with this activity.

The famous woman she would like to have dinner with is Frida Kahlo. She admires her for living her life to the fullest, not being altered by society, and her solid set of values ​​that gave rise to highly appreciated works of art.