Cristian Maican

Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Cristian embarked on his adventure at Best Tools Company almost 4 years ago, during which he has grown significantly, now being one of the most important technical individuals within the “ENERGY” division.

Let’s read together about his journey at Best Tools and, of course, get to know him better:

Essential energy for future.

This year marks 4 years. I joined the Best Tools team in November 2019.

I entered the company’s gate with confidence, enthusiasm, and a desire to learn and experience a branch of energy that was not very explored by me until that moment – diesel generators.

However, coming from a similar field, I adapted relatively quickly. I learned new things from the first days, but the desire to evolve has not stopped until this moment. Every day brings new technical challenges that I can only overcome through periodic and continuous documentation.

I can say that I started from scratch in the field of generators, so the achievements are many, gradual in complexity. At the beginning, significant achievements were even the small revisions, surveys, and PIFs. Gradually, I got involved in more complex activities, from special installations to automation, parameterization, and design. Combined, all these are actually an achievement, a package of knowledge that I am proud of.

We have several projects we are involved in at the moment. These days, we are working on the preparation, delivery, placement, installation, and commissioning of 8 diesel generators in just as many different areas of the country, some even in isolated places, with an impressive view.

At the same time, just last week, we traveled abroad, to North Macedonia, where a client requested our technical support.

I believe that the team I am part of is well knit, with experienced people, people who have a common goal: to evolve together towards becoming market leaders.

At work, we know how you are, but we are curious about Cristian in his free time:

Being a big fan of the team, I would like to switch roles with Messi for a short period of time. I think it would be an interesting “transfer” for Best Tools as well.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with family and close friends. I often go for walks in nature and sometimes do gardening. Obviously, I also play FIFA on PS during weekends.


The last series I watched was Chernobyl.

Traveling the country from end to end, I think I’ve discovered a new vocation: singing while driving.


Working hard for something we don’t care about = Stress

Working hard for something we love = Passion