Last year, the Romanian Government published Law 208/2022 in the Official Gazette, regarding direct public acquisitions, which came into effect on September 10, 2022. According to this new law, the maximum amount that local administrations can invest in the direct purchase of sanitation equipment, for example, is 270,120 lei, approximately 55,000 euros.

In this price category, various types of sanitation and outdoor and indoor cleaning equipment are included. We will briefly go through some of the most useful among them, in a presentation that we invite you to explore in the following.

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Urban Cleaning Equipment

Urban cleaning equipment from the Italian manufacturer, including vacuum cleaners and sweeping machines, is suitable for cleaning all outdoor spaces, both during the day and at night. They are equipped with electric motors and, consequently, are very silent and do not pollute. TSM equipment is designed to easily clean alleys, pedestrian streets, parking lots, yards, sidewalks, and hard-to-reach areas.

Electric street sweeper

A good example would be TSM Itala. This sweeper collects debris with a central brush located behind the two front brushes. It is very silent and can be used for cleaning both public and private outdoor areas, including sidewalks. The urban sweeper also allows the collection of bulkier waste through a detachable hose that can reach less accessible areas. ITALA 135 can be used with or without a person on board, depending on the working conditions.

Electric urban vacuum cleaner

TSM Aria is the perfect example of such equipment. This urban vacuum cleaner is very silent, being electric. It is suitable for cleaning public and private areas at any time without disturbing people nearby. The very low noise level it produces and the high suction power are due to the efficient electric motor with which the equipment is equipped. The vacuum cleaner’s autonomy is also impressive: over 10 hours of operation. The 240-liter bin makes it perfect for larger spaces and for work sessions without too many interruptions for emptying the container.

Multifunctional winter/summer 4×4 vehicle

A multifunctional solution perfect for both snow removal and various communal/municipal activities in the warm season. The use of a single all-wheel-drive chassis for all activities throughout the year significantly reduces the acquisition cost of the equipment.

For winter equipment, it can be equipped with a salt spreader and a snow plow from Hiltip (Finland). For sanitation activities during the summer, the equipment can be equipped with road washing systems, a nebulizer for disinfection/pest control, etc.

Compact garbage truck for street waste collection

Small-sized compactors are the perfect solution for door-to-door selective collection of street waste. They have a capacity of 4.5 m3.

These machines can be driven with a B category license, as the superstructures are mounted on 3.5-ton chassis. Due to their compact dimensions, these compact garbage trucks are ideal for small towns or those with narrow access roads.

Indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment

From floor sweeping and washing machines to pressure washing systems, sanitization or professional and industrial vacuum cleaners, most equipment in this category falls within the limit set by the state for direct acquisitions.

Useful for cleaning both indoor spaces, such as administrative buildings and sports halls, and outdoor spaces, such as parking lots, parks, or construction sites, cleaning equipment is a significant point of interest for numerous institutions.


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