The sludge composting station within the Câmpia Turzii water treatment complex is one of the significant projects of the waste management department at Best Tools Company. The new structure is built under the “REGIONAL PROJECT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF WATER AND WASTEWATER INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE TURDA – CAMPIA TURZII REGION, DURING 2014-2020.”

Click – follow the initial stages of the new station’s construction (YouTube).

The preliminary consultation, design, and implementation are carried out by Best Tools for the Aries Turda water company.

How it works

The station will transform the sludge resulting from water treatment into compost that can be reused in agriculture and green space maintenance. In practice, following the exact steps of the circular economy, the new structure will close the cycle of waste, namely sludge, transforming it into a useful product.

A unique system in Romania

The sludge composting installation is a unique project in Romania. The compost station, in a closed hall, with the treatment of stale air through a biofilter, is the first of its kind in the country. “This technology was chosen because, in the vicinity of the station, there were households suffering from the odor of the sludge produced in the current station. Once the new installation is operational, all the sludge will be transformed into compost, and all the air resulting from this process will be treated through a biofilter, reducing air pollution in the area and eliminating discomfort for the households near the installation,” says Florin Vulpe, an expert in waste management systems at Best Tools Company.

The construction of the sludge composting station in Câmpia Turzii is estimated to be completed at the beginning of this winter.