We proudly announce that Bucher Municipal have received the “Winner” award at the German Innovation Award 2024 for their novel Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – SafeSweep & PathFollow, in the category “Excellence in Business to Consumer: E-Mobility”. The “Winner” award recognizes innovations that drive the industry forward through their originality, implementation, and effectiveness.


PathFollow system automatically positions the vehicle at the roadside and steers the sweeper fully automatically along the kerb or parked cars. Once activated by the driver, PathFollow automatically detects the roadside using on-board cameras and lidars mounted around the vehicle. It then proceeds to fully automatically position the vehicle towards e.g. the curb, by taking over steering control and aligning the brushes perfectly to the road side.

PathFollow automatically stops in front of an obstacle or when the road environment changes, eliminating the need for constant driver intervention during curb cleaning. The assistance system also works when the sweeper is operating along a row parked cars or walls.


SafeSweep is a real time collision prevention system designed specifically for sweeping vehicles. This system gives the sweeper operator realtime warnings about possible collisions during sweeping mode, all while taking into account the brush positions, the sweep gear and the vehicle itself.

The result? Fewer accidents and more uptime.

SafeSweep & PathFollow systems are developed for CityCat V20e compact sweeper product line: Bucher CityCat V20E& Bucher CityCat VS20E.

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