Bucher Municipal and Volvo Trucks are starting a new collaboration with the global market launch of heavy sewer cleaning vehicles with zero emissions.

Bucher Municipal introduces CityFlex C40e

Mounted on a Volvo electric chassis, the new equipment represents a significant milestone for the electrification of heavy vehicles used in crowded urban areas. The world premiere and official launch of the new CityFlex C40e will take place at IFAT 2022 in Munich.

“In 2023, we intend to produce and deliver up to 80 electric sewer cleaning vehicles mounted on Volvo electric chassis,” says Per Lovring, Managing Director of Bucher Municipal Denmark. “It’s a crucial step that will have transformative effects on the industry.”

Bucher Municipal has optimized the technology from the successful Bucher CityFlex C40 to meet the specific requirements for working in urban areas, where emissions regulations have been tightened. “I am very proud of the collaboration with Volvo Trucks and the new standard created together for zero-emission vehicles, and I am eager to present it to global markets,” continues Per Lovring.

Strategic collaboration with Volvo Trucks

“The electrification of our utility vehicles is a challenge, but Volvo has proven that it can offer very reliable and well-documented solutions for buses, trucks, and other heavy vehicles,” explained Per Lovring when asked about the collaboration with Volvo Trucks. “And since our vehicles represent significant global interest, it is crucial that the technology is tested, and we can provide comprehensive services for all vehicle components. Therefore, the collaboration with Volvo Trucks is a win for all parties involved.”

Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks, also emphasizes the importance of the collaboration: “Bucher Municipal is a major player in the global market for municipal vehicles, and we share values in the ambition to transform our industry. Through this agreement, we take a significant strategic step towards electrifying one of the most complex and demanding tasks in our urban environments. Together we will address the challenge of electrifying all types of applications in the industry.”

“We are at the forefront of the transition and have a leading position in the European market for electric trucks. We have already launched a complete range of electric trucks that we deliver to customers in Europe and North America. Our goal is for 50% of our vehicles to be electric by 2030,” explains Roger Alm.


Bucher Municipal is a leader in the electrification of municipal vehicles, such as street sweepers, winter maintenance equipment, waste collection vehicles, and now, sewer cleaners. And this is just the beginning.

“By 2025, we intend to produce an electric variant for every sewer cleaning and waste collection vehicle in our range,” explains Per Lovring. “It is Bucher Municipal’s strategic ambition to always be an industry leader, and now the key task is to reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles while providing competitive solutions.”

Best Tools is the official partner of Bucher Municipal in Romania, where it distributes the complete range of Swiss manufacturer’s waste collection equipment.