The electricity market is currently experiencing a period of global uncertainty, with energy prices far from stable. These price fluctuations and conflicting information from the media have significantly changed the strategies of companies in various industries, including manufacturing, regarding energy security. The border conflict near Romania has further heightened the concerns of companies, leading many of them to invest in auxiliary systems since last year to provide electrical energy in case of need and ensure continuity in their daily activities.

In this scenario, backup generators are among the safest solutions, as these systems are not dependent on environmental factors to produce and supply electrical energy. Many companies have invested heavily in such power generators over the past year. The generator market has reached a record level in 2022 across Europe, and the demand remains high.

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9 MW Project

One of the benchmark projects in this field is undertaken by Best Tools Company, the exclusive distributor of Kohler in Romania, for a factory located in Muntenia. The works themselves commenced in December 2022 and concluded on January 25, 2023. The Romanian company handled the entire system, from selecting the most suitable generators and components to project realization, delivery, installation, synchronization, testing, and commissioning. In the following years, maintenance and technical interventions will also be carried out.

Technical Details

The system is a complex one, comprising several interconnected and synchronized elements.

  • 3 Kohler T2800 Generators
  • 2 Kohler B1250 Generators
  • 8 Transformers
  • Medium Voltage Cell System
  • 3 External Fuel Tanks from Western Global
  • Power Cables

The three Kohler T2800 generators (2800 kVA) are equipped with Mitsubishi engines, while the B1250 generators (1250 kVA) feature Baudouin engines. All five generators have Leroy-Somer alternators and are housed in soundproof containers. The entire generator set is synchronized and protected through six synchronization and circuit breaker automation panels. The transformation system from 0.4 kV to 20 kV consists of six 1600 kVA transformers and two 1250 kVA transformers. The cell system is complex, comprising multiple elements, all mounted in a 40-foot container.

The three Kohler T2800 generators support the entire load of the factory, while the B1250 generators have been integrated into the system either to serve as backup for the larger generators or to supplement the power produced in case the load increases over time.

The three 29,700-liter Western Global fuel tanks were introduced into the project to increase the autonomy of the generators. These tanks are equipped with double walls, retention basins, pumps, and accessories.

As mentioned above, the entire implementation process took approximately one month, including equipment mobilization, site preparation, power cable circuit creation, light tower installation, consumables stock preparation, etc.

Testing and Operation

The system was designed to be used both continuously and as a backup system for situations when there are issues with the national electricity grid. Consequently, final tests were conducted for 48 hours, ensuring continuous operation with the alternation of all generators in the assembly, at an average power of 5 MW.

Best Tools Company & Kohler

Best Tools Company is the exclusive Kohler dealer in Romania and neighboring countries, distributing the full range of products from the renowned manufacturer, from portable generators to high-power generator sets (1 – 4500 kVA). With a team of 20 technicians and engineers and 10 intervention vehicles, Best Tools Company provides comprehensive solutions, including the distribution and rental of generator sets, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and intervention anywhere in Romania and neighboring countries.

Kohler Company was established in 1873 in the United States. In 1920, Kohler produced the first modern generator. Its generator set division has become increasingly efficient, especially after acquiring the French manufacturer SDMO Industries. At present, Kohler is the third-largest generator set manufacturer in the world, being a true trendsetter in the field.