The Best Tools Company branch in Mărgineni, Bacău County, hosted the Open Doors 2024 event, an exhibition that featured live demonstrations of a wide range of sanitation machinery, multifunctional equipment, industrial cleaning equipment, generators, energy storage systems, and other products and technologies. With participants from various fields, including local and regional administrations, sanitation operators, cleaning companies, representatives of the energy industry, and other companies from the Moldova region, the event was a vibrant environment for the exchange of ideas and technologies.

Prestigious Partners

Most of Best Tools Company’s external partners sent delegations to Romania specifically for this event. Among the manufacturers present at Open Doors, either through representatives or equipment displayed by the Romanian company, were Bucher Municipal—the leading producer of sanitation machinery in Europe, Multihog—one of the most dynamic players globally in the multifunctional equipment market, TSM, Kohler, RCM, PTC, Energreen, Inovat, Comet, and others.

Premium Equipment

Over 50 pieces of equipment and machinery were showcased at the Best Tools Open Doors event, all from the company’s portfolio. From electric sweepers, snow removal equipment, multifunctional machinery, and urban cleaning equipment, to generators, industrial pressure washing systems, floor sweeping and washing machines, remote-controlled machinery, waste management systems, and more, all these pieces of equipment could be admired and tested at the event in Bacău County.

Demonstration Sessions

The most anticipated moments were the test sessions. The event’s concept centered around the machinery, and the live demonstrations and detailed presentations of the equipment were in the spotlight, offering a direct and interactive experience. For many participants, the test sessions provided the opportunity to see the equipment in action in a realistic setting. Although technical specifications can provide valuable information, nothing compares to observing a machine’s performance in real-time.

Participants from Diverse Fields

Another remarkable aspect of the event was the diversity of the participants. Local and regional administrations were well represented, sending delegations to explore the latest technologies that could make their sanitation and waste management activities more efficient. Local sanitation operators were also present in large numbers, seeking innovative solutions to meet the increasingly demanding needs of their communities. Industrial cleaning companies had the opportunity to test the equipment and discuss their specific needs with Best Tools representatives. Additionally, representatives from the energy industry took advantage of the occasion to explore the most advanced models of generators and energy storage technologies.

Participants had the chance to attend presentations on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Moreover, the event facilitated collaboration between different sectors and industries, paving the way for new and innovative partnerships that could improve approaches to sanitation, waste management, cleaning, and energy.

Best Tools Open Doors 2024 was not only a place to showcase the latest technologies and equipment but also a forum for exchanging ideas and collaboration among industry professionals. With participants from a variety of fields, the event was a clear example of how innovation and technology can lead to significant progress and improvements in key areas such as sanitation and industrial cleaning. As the industry moves towards the future, events like Best Tools Open Doors 2024 will continue to play a vital role in promoting innovation and encouraging collaboration to build a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Best Tools Company’s plan is to implement the “Open Doors” concept in other regions of the country as well.