Bauma is the largest trade fair worldwide in the construction industry. The fair takes place once every three years in Munich, Germany. Over the course of 7 days, manufacturers of construction machinery, materials manufacturing and preparation equipment, mining and excavation machinery showcase their latest innovations and engage with partners and customers. Each edition of Bauma is a success, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to visit the booths of over 3000 exhibitors.

Just like in every edition since 2006, the delegation from Best Tools Company has not missed the event. It is a great opportunity to visit partners, the manufacturers we represent in Romania, and to establish new partnerships to strengthen the range of products distributed in the country.


Recently undergoing a rebranding, changing its name from Kohler-SDMO to Kohler, the American-French company was, of course, present at Bauma 2022. Kohler’s booth was positioned in the area dedicated to generator set and engine manufacturers. Kohler showcased generators useful in the construction industry, from the rental range, as well as portable generators.

Best Tools Company is the official distributor of Kohler in Romania and neighboring countries for a decade, where we market and provide after-sales services for the full range of generator sets from the American-French manufacturer: 1kVA – 4500kVA.


With a history spanning over 60 years, the German manufacturer of industrial machinery and equipment for handling pavers, curbstones, and more, had, as in every edition, an outdoor booth where they showcased a wide range of products and conducted numerous demo sessions.

Best Tools Company is the exclusive dealer for Probst Handling in Romania. Over the past 15 years, Best Tools has contributed to equipping many factories and plants with Probst industrial machinery. Additionally, numerous construction companies in Romania have streamlined their activities by using Probst equipment for handling and installing pavers, curbstones, slabs, etc.


Swepac is a Swedish company with over 30 years of experience, placing a strong emphasis on innovation in the field of soil and asphalt compaction equipment, as well as concrete treatment. All production takes place in their own factory in Ljungby, Sweden.

Swepac is a significant partner of Best Tools Company. The successful completion of complex projects together has strengthened the partnership.


Bucher Municipal is the world’s leading manufacturer of sanitation equipment. The Swiss manufacturer’s direct involvement in the construction industry occurred when it launched the Cosmix, a mobile concrete factory on wheels.

Bucher showcased the Cosmix equipment at Bauma, as well as one of the largest street sweepers, useful in various construction applications, particularly in road infrastructure projects.

Best Tools Company is a Bucher Municipal dealer in Romania, where it distributes the complete range of equipment from the Swiss manufacturer. This includes street sweepers, snow removal equipment, construction machinery, and more.


The German company CONTEC has been recognized since 1995 as one of the best manufacturers of surface preparation equipment in the world. The product range includes all the latest state-of-the-art equipment, such as mobile shot blasters, floor grinders, floor scarifiers, and floor planers.

All of these machines were exhibited at Bauma, where the Best Tools delegation was present. Contec organized demonstrations throughout the trade fair, answered all questions from the audience, and presented the latest models launched.


A Spanish company dedicated to the production of light machinery for construction. Enar is the world’s leading manufacturer of concrete vibrators. Since its founding in 1964, its trajectory has established it as a leading company in the sector, both in the national and international markets, exporting and creating commercial networks on all 5 continents.

Enar showcased a wide range of products at Bauma 2022, including concrete vibrators, surface compaction equipment, leveling tools, and more.


The Italian company specializes in the production of lighting towers. The design and manufacturing are carried out entirely in the Italian factory, which covers an area of 24,000 square meters. It is a vertically integrated company that includes design, metallurgy, powder coating, mechanical and electrical assembly, and final testing, all done in-house.

Best Tools Company collaborates with the Italian manufacturer on projects that include autonomous lighting towers and more.