During March 9-11, 2022, Best Tools Company participated as a partner in the National Conference “Waste Management in the Circular Economy,” organized by Infomediu Europa and the Federation of Associations for Intercommunity Development (FADI), in Târgu Mureș.

Over the course of the three days, debates and presentations on various topics of general interest in the field of waste management took place. Here are the most important topics covered:

1. Financing solutions for the development and completion of waste management infrastructure through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan; Financing solutions within the Public-Private Partnership framework.
2. Challenges generated by the implementation of the Guarantee-Return System (Government Decision 1074 of 04/10/2021).
3. Financing activities for the collection, transport, and sorting of packaging waste from municipal waste based on the extended producer responsibility, contracting, and ADI – OIREP working procedures.
4. Measures/Procedures/Concrete actions to achieve targets for diverting municipal waste from landfilling through reduction, recycling, reuse, composting, crushing, energy recovery, as well as other innovative waste treatment methods.
5. Financing activities for the collection, transport, and recycling of WEEE, batteries, and accumulators from municipal waste based on the extended producer responsibility.
6. Best practices and alternative solutions for the collection and treatment of municipal and industrial waste.

Florin Vulpe represented Best Tools at the conference, participating in all activities throughout the event.

“As always, the team at Infomediu Europa managed to organize a comprehensive and extremely useful event for Romania. When it comes to waste management and the circular economy, the emphasis must be on information. It is crucial for individuals in institutions or companies in the field to stay updated on all the latest developments to implement the most efficient systems for the communities they represent. An informed person will always make the right decisions,” said Florin Vulpe, Best Tools’ waste management expert, after the conference.

Best Tools Company provides complete professional solutions for waste management, ranging from waste collection systems at the community level and garbage trucks to complex waste transfer stations, sorting facilities, and mechanical-biological treatment of waste.

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