Best Tools Company was present at the 2024 edition of IFAT, the most important international trade fair for water, wastewater, waste, and raw materials management, held in Munich, Germany. With a division dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in sanitation, snow removal, waste management, and industrial cleaning, our presence at IFAT was an excellent opportunity to discover innovations in these fields and deepen our commitment to sustainability.

As a prestigious event, all manufacturers represented by Best Tools’ “Sanitation” division in Romania and neighboring countries were present as exhibitors. They showcased the latest models of launched equipment, the newest developed technologies, and organized demonstrations and conferences.

Bucher Municipal

At IFAT 2024, Bucher Municipal exhibited its extensive range of vehicles and equipment for street cleaning, sewer cleaning, and winter road maintenance. The displayed vehicles and equipment were equipped with the latest technologies, including traditional, electric, and hydrogen propulsion. Additionally, the equipment impressed with AI-based assistance systems aimed at reducing driver workload in their daily tasks. The intelligent solution “Bucher Connect” connects vehicles and provides fleet managers with an overview of all owned equipment.

One of the main attractions at Bucher Municipal’s booth at IFAT was the indoor demonstration area where two specially designed assistance functions for compact sweepers were presented. These functions aim to ease the driver’s work and increase operational safety.

– SafeSweep: This collision avoidance assistance system alerts the driver in real-time to potential collisions, considering the positions of the front and side brushes and the vehicle itself. If the driver does not react to an imminent collision, SafeSweep intervenes and automatically reduces the vehicle’s speed to prevent the accident.

– PathFollow: This assistance system enhances sweeper operation by automatically aligning the vehicle with the road edge, allowing fully autonomous maneuvering alongside curbs or parked cars. PathFollow is activated by the driver and uses onboard cameras and lidar technology to recognize the road edge.



The Irish manufacturer displayed numerous machines at IFAT, including the MX, CX, and CV350 models. These multifunctional machines are among the most popular worldwide, streamlining municipal operations and beyond. By simply changing attachments, a single Multihog machine can be used in over 40 different applications.

Additionally, at IFAT, Multihog announced the upcoming release of the electric version of the compact sweeper CV350 in the second half of the year.


The Italian manufacturer of urban cleaning equipment showcased its entire range of electric outdoor machinery:

– The ARIA urban vacuum cleaner, in both variants (Aria 120 and Aria 240), one unit with the Follow Me function and one with a pressure washing function.

– The ITALA 135 urban sweeper

– The CUBO electric collector.

TSM is known for producing modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly urban equipment. The machines are designed to be easy to operate, non-disruptive to people around, and offer maximum performance.


The company offers a wide range of equipment from stationary and mobile shredders to system solutions for plastic recycling and producing alternative fuels for thermal recycling. Lindner has always maintained its production unit in Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia, Austria, where it recently invested in a new factory equipped with the latest robotics and automation systems to ensure Lindner’s quality in production, productivity, and efficiency.

At IFAT, Lindner had an indoor booth showcasing equipment and providing a perfect setting for networking, while outdoor they conducted demonstration sessions with their machinery.


As one of the leading industrial vacuum manufacturers in Europe, Sibilia was present at the Munich event where they showcased the mobile Dragonfly vacuum and other industrial vacuuming equipment.


The Italian manufacturer of industrial pressure washing equipment was also present at IFAT, showcasing a wide range of mobile and stationary machines. Among the most popular were the PTC Salmon and PTC Moses, equipment also presented at Best Tools Open Doors 2024.

With each edition of IFAT, we renew our dedication to excellence and innovation, eagerly anticipating the future challenges and opportunities this trade fair will bring. Until the next meeting, we remain committed to our mission of supporting communities and the environment through top technological solutions and sustainable practices.