KOHLER, one of the main external partners of Best Tools Company, has celebrated its 150th anniversary. KOHLER Company was established in 1873 and has an extremely rich history, with activities spanning across multiple divisions. Over time, the American company has innovated, set trends, and continued to provide quality solutions in all the fields it has operated in.

Headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, Kohler Co. is one of the oldest and largest private companies in America, consisting of over 40,000 associates. With over 50 manufacturing locations worldwide, Kohler is a global leader in designing, innovating, and manufacturing kitchen and bathroom products; luxury cabinets, tile, and lighting; engines, generators, and clean energy solutions; and owner/operator of five-star hospitality and golf destinations – from Kohler, Wisconsin to St. Andrews, Scotland. Kohler’s Whistling Straits golf course hosted the 43rd Ryder Cup in 2021. The company also develops solutions to address pressing issues, such as clean water and sanitation, for disadvantaged communities worldwide, aiming to improve the quality of life for current and future generations.

100 years since the first modern generator

One hundred years ago, in 1920, KOHLER created the first modern electric generator. Initially designed to power KOHLER® plumbing products in rural America, the KOHLER Automatic Power & Light was adopted in various fields, providing instant power for homes, boats, and businesses worldwide. Thus, KOHLER became one of the pioneers in the generator industry, standing the test of time and remaining a leading manufacturer in the industry in 2020, marking 100 years since this significant achievement.

In the same decade, in 1925, two U.S. Air Mail planes marked the inauguration of regular overnight mail delivery between New York and Chicago. KOHLER generators made this historic moment possible by illuminating rotating light beacons across the continent, guiding the pilots.

Rich history

Over the past century, KOHLER generators have achieved other notable milestones. For example, in 1929, KOHLER generators joined Admiral Richard Byrd and his courageous crew during their historic expedition to the South Pole. In the same year, Hollywood filmmakers adopted the American manufacturer’s generators to power film cameras and sound recording equipment. In the 1930s, KOHLER generators were used to illuminate the construction site of the HOOVER Dam, one of the most significant engineering achievements of the 20th century. During World War II, the generator sets were used by the U.S. military on land, sea, mobile hospitals, radio communications, lights, refrigeration units, and more. In 1966, Kohler produced its one millionth engine. In the 1970s, the American manufacturer expanded its network worldwide, and KOHLER engines and generators powered homes, hospitals, boats, airports, government buildings, and more. Also during this decade, Kohler introduced the world’s first permanent magnet alternator, allowing standby generators to provide power significantly faster after a power outage. KOHLER’s recent history is tied to the acquisition of the generator manufacturer SDMO.

A successful partnership

Best Tools Company is the exclusive distributor of KOHLER in Romania, where it distributes and rents generators in a complete range. In recent years, Best Tools has aligned with the quality imposed by such a manufacturer’s history and offers premium services in Romania and neighboring countries.