Digital technology has an increasingly powerful influence on day-to-day activities in almost all sectors and applications, including healthcare, electricity generation, social networks, telecommunications, commerce, and education. The main advantage of the Riello Group is the prestige of its commercial brands, both in Italy and abroad. Riello, Beretta, Thermital, Sylber, VOKERA, and “Fit Service e Fontecal” represent a multi-channel and multi-product offering where each network has its own marketing and communication strategy while benefiting from group integration.

Today, Riello Group is directly present in the most important and strategic markets with 13 international companies and four stable organizations. Thousands of customers from over 60 countries can rely on exclusive distribution and a commercial network. In each situation, Riello Group has shown how to adapt to the current realities of the international market, ensuring customers excellent products and superior quality services.

Multi Guard Industrial

The Multi Guard Industrial range has been specifically developed to ensure continuity in all sectors considered critical due to the specific conditions of its environment or industrial processes that require protection. Multi Guard Industrial is available in a stand-alone version of 20 kVA and in a modular version between 20 and 160 kVA. These two versions are available in both single-phase and three-phase output configurations.

This high level of flexibility allows the Multi Guard Industrial range to accept both single-phase and three-phase configurations without the need for special setups or operator intervention, ensuring full compatibility with any power supply network.

Multi Guard

The modular UPS Multi Guard 15-120 kVA is scalable in three phases with an uninterruptible power supply system with double conversion. Its power ranges from 15 kVA to 120 kVA, offering the best combination of reliability, functionality, and flexibility.

The parallel architecture of the Multi Guard range adopts a drawer-style with an extremely intelligent design to achieve maximum available and surplus power. It is specifically designed to meet the protection demands of critical loads in data centers or other important applications. Each module has an individual power capacity of 15 kVA, and a standard cabinet can be equipped with up to 8 modules to reach 120 kVA. In case the load reaches its limit, modules can be hot-swapped to allow energy continuity without further interruptions.

Multi Power

The Riello Multi Power (MPW) range is the latest modular UPS for data centers and other critical loads. Multi Power is designed to protect any high-density computer and IT environment’s critical loads while achieving maximum availability. The MPW range grows with business requirements without oversizing the UPS—optimizing both the initial investment and total cost of ownership. As demand increases, the modular solution Riello MPW can expand its power capacity, maintaining the highest levels of energy protection, availability, surplus, and investment savings.