SDMO is in a continuous process of growth and expansion into new markets, relying on a distribution network present in over 25 countries, with eight subsidiaries globally and three regional divisions in France. The company’s responsiveness is based on the development of five storage platforms, which, in collaboration with subsidiaries, constitute a highly efficient commercial network. SDMO is a specialist in generator production with over 40 years of experience, providing turnkey energy solutions. The company leverages its expertise to assist customers in meeting specific requirements through the continuous development of ranges, especially Rental Power, dedicated to rentals, with power ranging from 2.75 kVA to 2,500 kVA. In order to provide the necessary energy for day-to-day activities, another defining principle of the company is environmental protection, developing various strategies both in production and operation.

“We can implement any type of project very quickly and efficiently. SDMO is one of the few companies in the world that can offer solutions ranging from 1 kVA to over 5 MW,” said Stefan Blaer, General Manager, BT Best Tools Company.

Emissions Reduction
SDMO employs state-of-the-art technical expertise to help reduce emissions and protect public health. There are European directives regulating these emissions, and the principles apply to 3A-type engines. Currently, all generators in the Rental Power range comply with this highly stringent legislation.

Noise Pollution Reduction
To meet current requirements for reducing noise, significant sums have been invested in the latest technology, as well as traditional methods for detecting noise pollution in the laboratory (measuring sound levels, microphones, etc.). By reducing the resulting noise, the generators have an optimal level, allowing SDMO to offer ideal solutions for organizing all types of events. Specifically, this technology is suitable for sensitive environments such as urban areas, hospitals, etc. Additionally, control units and electrical connections are separated from the motor/alternator assembly by an insulating wall, ensuring the same noise level even with open doors.

Resistance in Harsh Conditions of Use
Generators are equipped with reinforced frames and equipment that focus on ensuring user safety, as well as equipment safety. They have been designed to meet the specific requirements of the rental market regarding maneuverability, safety, and performance. The Rental Compact range offers a concrete solution adapted to current requirements. Ingenuity, efficiency, and industrial capacity are the key ingredients of these new products, specially designed to withstand harsh conditions of use.

Welding Machines
Generators combine technology developed for the Rental Power portable range, capable of providing both electrical power and welding.

Workplace Lighting
SDMO also offers a range of lighting towers that can be adapted to fit any environment. These towers have been designed to meet the specific requirements of users. The company has a highly active presence in the Romanian market, achieving a significant market share in both the portable equipment and stationary generators or special solutions segments. BT Best Tools Company, the distributor for Romania, covers multiple market segments such as industrial, rentals, or special projects. It has successfully developed several distribution channels for the entire range of equipment in the SDMO group’s portfolio.

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