We launched the “Energy” category

This refreshed space on our website is dedicated to exploring and understanding the innovative energy solutions we offer, designed to revolutionize the way we produce, store and interact with energy. Whether you are looking for generator sets, renewable energy sources, advanced storage solutions or other premium, reliable devices, the “Energy” category encompasses everything you need to meet current and future energy challenges.

What can you find in the new “Energy” category?

  • Kohler Generators: we remain loyal to our mission of bringing you the best products, and this includes our range of high-quality Kohler generators. Regardless of your needs, you will find reliable, energy-efficient, and easy-to-maintain generators here.

  • Energy Storage Solutions: we confidently step into an era where energy storage becomes essential for the efficiency and sustainability of energy production and beyond. With the help of new technologies, we offer advanced energy storage solutions that allow you to efficiently accumulate and utilize energy surplus.

  • Renewable Energy Sources: a diverse range of “green” energy production systems. These “clean” energy sources can help you reduce environmental impact and save costs, whether we are talking about residential, industrial, or grid applications.

  • Energy Solutions for Data Centers: In today’s technological world, data is precious. Therefore, together with our partners, we develop specialized energy solutions for data centers that ensure continuity of system operation in any circumstances.

  • UPS Sources: Power outages or unexpected interruptions can cause significant damage. With our reliable UPS sources, you can ensure the continuity of critical equipment operation and prevent unexpected losses or malfunctions.

  • Generator Rentals: In some situations, it may be more convenient to rent a generator for temporary needs. We offer flexible rental options for generators of various capacities (1 – 1250kVA or larger powers – synchronization), anywhere in Romania and countries in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Our rental fleet includes over 150 Kohler generator sets.

Energy. Everywhere. Anytime.

We invite you to explore our new “Energy” category and discover the options we have to offer. Whether you are a business owner, environmentally conscious individual, or simply a technology enthusiast, you will surely find suitable solutions in this category.

Energy is the force that moves our world, and we aim to help you harness its full potential. We look forward to having you join us on this journey towards a better and more sustainable energy future.